The Postcolonial Condition: A Few Notes on the Quality of Historical Time in the Global Present

Sandro Mezzadra, Federico Rahola


Postcolonial time, according to the authors, is that time in which colonial experience appears, simultaneously, to be consigned to the past and, precisely due to the modalities with which its "overcoming" comes about, to be installed at the centre of contemporary social experience -- with the entire burden of domination, but also the capacity for insubordination, that distinguishes this experience. Taking into account some of the main criticisms devoted to postcolonial studies in recent time (A. Dirlik, Hardt and Negri, Zizek), the essay tries to reconstruct the genealogy of the postcolonial condition, stressing the important role which is played in this genealogy by anti-colonial movements and concluding with some remarks on a possible politics of liberation able to march the challenges of the present.


theoretical text on postcolonial time

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