A dream healed me
unlike yesterday —
I dreamed
but differently today —

without words
without regret
without remorse
without sadness —

I recast the scarred canvas of my life —
puzzles and fears unleashed
a new courage defines me now —
And I am made whole and unwhole —
My being framed by old and new questions —

What is truth?
What is beauty?
The familiar and unfamiliar blur
And I reach now with confidence —
Not for wholeness but for fragments
Distorted shapes, broken voices, decentring worlds —

Deep within me
unstable words intersect with profound silence
And somewhere in these churning rhythms
I find my faith to believe
That the old resides in the new 
That nothing is gained that was not first lost
That sunsets look to sunrises
That the midnight anticipates the dawn

That true peace comes from resting in doubt
And that hope, in its multiple skins, is life’s gift to me. 

Jane Fernandez