1st Lane Ratmalana


Samuel My Friend,
Fisheater, Nosediver,
Let's take a walk
Up my back-alley street.
Togo to Belgium,
New York - Ratmalana
We be thighbone striders
We be shinbone fleet.

Samuel my friend
In my brown brown world
Your face is too black
Your nose too wide
Didn't you know
There's a myth-man saying
That you'll tear my flesh
And spit my blood?

Samuel, my friend,
Dancer, Roarer,
Our steps have halted
On this back-alley street
The neighbour's man
Gawks on you aghast
A Rā soused scream
Gargling at his throat

But you
Stand there, tall
Your hips thrown wide
And gently laugh
My guts to a fist.

Aparna Halpe