“Guantánamo Boy”: An Interview with Moazzam Begg

Claire Chambers


In this interview, conducted in 2009 but still timely and with an introduction written in May 2011, Claire Chambers converses with the non-fiction writer, Moazzam Begg, on the "war on terror", literature, and British Muslims. Begg famously spent three years in Guantánamo Bay and, since his release in 2005, he has become an important spokesman for other “cage prisoners,” writing the first memoir by a former detainee, Enemy Combatant . Eloquent, controversial, and occasionally paradoxical, in this interview Moazzam Begg sheds important light on recent discourse surrounding "moderate" and "radical" Muslims.


Moazzam Begg; Guantánamo Bay; war on terror; Islam and Muslims; jihad.

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