The Importance of Preserving Guyana’s Literary Heritage and Contemporary Literary Scene: An Interview with Young Guyanese Producer and Artist Yaphet Jackman about Upscale Poetry Readings in Georgetown, Guyana, and More

Stephanie May McKenzie


This is an interview with young Guyanese producer and artist Yaphet Jackman. Jackman is one of the most important voices and sources of knowledge for the contemporary literary scene in Guyana--a country and region of the Caribbean that is under-represented in West Indian scholarship. This interview draws attention to the fact that there are archives worth preserving in Guyana and that there is a need to seriously fund the arts in this country. This interview also makes it clear that the arts--in particular, the literary arts--are vibrant and strong despite the many challenges Guyana faces. It is hoped that this interview will create a greater awareness of the literary riches of Guyana.


Guyana; Georgetown, poetry; spoken word;

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